Our school is located in the southwest of the city of Cordoba, Spain. The school will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year. Currently there are a total of 633 students who attend our school. 238 students are registered in compulsory secondary education; 117 students are registered in the Science and Technology specialty of Higher Secondary Education; 127 students are registered in the Humanities and Social Sciences specialty of Higher Secondary Education; 41 students are registered in the Computer Science specialty of Basic Vocational Training courses; 54 students are registered in the Microcomputing Systems and Webs specialty of the Vocational training courses; 56 students are registered in the Higher Level of the Secretarial Vocational training courses. The atmosphere among students at school is quite good. Our students come from the neighboring area. They belong to low middle class families. Many of these families have been hit badly by the recent economic crisis.

The teacher staff is made up of 47 teachers of whom only 7 do not have permanent positions. The staff body is very stable and quite committed to their work, their students and our school. They are hardworking, dedicated teachers, used to team work and willing to learn. A proof of this commitment is the great number of curricular and extracurricular activities which are undertaken every school year. Our school is also developing different plans and programs.

We are a bilingual school in English; we have the ITC Program; the Sports for Schools Program; and the Reading and School Library Program. We also have a Department in charge of overseeing students' relationships and a students' association which is very active in organizing activities for students. The international dimension of education is also very important in our school. Over the years we have participated in three different Comenius Projects. The last one being the project called "Euroface" which we finished last year. We have also participated in different E.Twinning Projects. The last one "Out of the Blue and into the Light" was awarded the2014 European Quality Label. 

Our school is also open to the neighborhood's needs and it collaborates both with the Neighbours' Association and with the Parents' Association, promoting joined activities and lending these organizations the spaces they need to carry out their activities.