On the track of the Roman Ruins of Tróia

On 2nd May 2016, twenty Portuguese students went on a guided field trip to the Roman Ruins of Tróia, which was a large salt-fishing complex built in the first half of the 1st century AD and continuously occupied until the 6th century AD. Apart from having deepened their knowledge of their Roman heritage, they also had a great time together. In their opinion it was the best field trip ever, which proves that learning can be challenging and fun.  

The Roman Ruins of Cordoba

Students from IES Fidiana walked around Cordoba to foster their knowledge of the Roman heritage of their town. This video was made by one of the participant students. Check it out!

Carmona and Ecija 

Spanish students also went on a field trip to Carmona and Ecija so that they could learn about their Roman remains.

The Roman Ruins of Siracusa

Students attending XIV Istituto Comprensivo Karol Wojtyla went on field trip to get to know the Roman remains of their hometown. Later they created this video to show their peers from all the other partner schools how rich their town is as far as  Roman remains are concerned.  

Roman amphitheatre in Siracusa

Students from II Istituto Comprensivo Alessandro Manzoni, in  Priolo Gargallo, went to Siracusa to explore the Roman amphitheatre. There they were also given a lesson by Gillian Groom. 

Roman heritage in Gdańsk 

On 29th January 2016 some students of  the junior high school set off to Gdańsk to explore the Old Town.The main purpose of the tour was to find some elements of Roman heritage in architecture and art there. The guide (in a very interesting way) showed the students some places connected with ancient Rome, so they had the opportunity to admire busts of the ancient Romans and their gods integrated into the monuments of Gdańsk. 

The Roman town of Italica 

Spanish students went on a school trip to the Roman town of Italica, in Seville, to go on deeping their knowledge of their Roman heritage.