Gimnazjum nr 7

The group of schools no.6 in Gdynia in Poland includes the Primary School and the Junior High School (Gimnazjum nr 7). There are 400 students in both departments altogether. Apart from the national language the students learn English three times or four times a week and additionally in Junior High School they study German language. In each class there are about twenty students, so the teachers have opportunity to find time for everyone to explain things. The school offers a lot of extra-curricular classes in order to encourage the pupils to be more active, to broaden their knowledge and to provide them with entertainment and fun. Two years ago during the National Examination of the Work Quality the school received the highest marks A and B, at a scale of A - E. The school cooperates with various institutions, publishers and sports clubs to engage students in tasks different to regular classes. What is worth mentioning, the students win maths, Polish and English competitions at school and at national level. Our school also offers classes for children with special needs. The children who attend these classes have opportunity to take part in many interesting actions and contests addresed to them.